EMI Testing – Troubleshooting

Identifying and isolating the source of electromagnetic interference problems can be frustrating, time consuming, and very expensive. And if the root cause is not clearly understood, corrective methods may only mask the problem and result in a fix that is more complex and expensive than necessary.

Cut Through the Confusion

Understand the root cause
Implement the most effective solution

Get To the Source of the Problem

Newson Consulting Inc. bridges the gap between theory and practice in electromagnetic compatibility, applying the best analytical models to your real-world problems.

Hands-on Diagnostics

Conventional test methods are often inadequate when pursuing elusive electromagnetic compatibility problems. Our EMC Consultants have the hands-on experience to troubleshoot the problem and the expertise to understand the cause. With extensive diagnostic experience we will help you identify the real source and formulate the right solution.

Experience and Insight

The subtle, sometimes mysterious, nature of EMI problems requires unique insight into the non-linear parasitic effects of semiconductor design and packaging. The understanding necessary to solve many EMI problems requires experience uncommon to most engineers, but almost second-nature to our EMI Consultants.

Backed Up by Models and Analysis

Finding a fix for an EMI Problem is rewarding, but understanding the nature of the problem is the hallmark of an expert. When the problem is corrected we’ll show you why so that you can avoid it in the future.

EMI Testing

Test support at a commercial test lab of your choice or your in-house EMI laboratory. On-site, hands-on EMI testing by experienced electromagnetic interference test engineers.

Streamline the Test Process:

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Improve Repeatability

Reduce Test Cycle Time


EMI test results are only as good as the methods used to perform them. If tests are incorrectly set up or improperly executed the results can be very misleading. Newson Consulting Inc. engineers have the expertise and experience to ensure your tests are done right.

Perform EMI tests

Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience performing developmental tests, troubleshooting, and formal qualification testing.

Developmental Testing

Running a few select tests early in the product development cycle is a cost-effective method for avoiding bigger problems later on. We will identify potential problem areas and perform quick tests to assure your design is compliant.


Identifying the source of an EMI problem can be very difficult and frustrating. With a minimum of 20 years experience our consultants will not only help you solve your EMI problem, but we will help you understand the source of the problem and identify the most cost-effective method for mitigation.

Qualification Testing

Whether you need an EMC test engineer to peform in-house qualfication testing, training for your laboratory personnel, or just an independent expert to validate your testing we have the expertise you need.

Witness EMI tests

Having us on-site when EMI tests are performed by a commercial EMI laboratory ensures tests are run as specified and documented to levels you require. And should your product fail to meets its EMI requirements, we ae there to provide the troubleshooting expertise necessary to fix the problem.

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