EMI Control Plan – Documentation

Why leave electromagnetic compatibility to chance? Design it in!

Odds are, if your product is not designed to pass its EMI tests, it won’t. We will help you optimize your circuits and packaging to avoid costly redesign and retest.

A Clear Path to EMC

Design from a proven framework

Free up you designers to do what they do best

Have a record of what worked and why

Chart Your Success

Documenting the design, development, and testing process is important. Using the latest computer simulation tools, graphics methods, and documentation standards, Newson Consulting Inc. produces accurate, professional, publication-quality documentation.

EMI Control Plans

EMI control plans are a blueprint for the EMC design process. Each element of the design is addressed for its impact on electromagnetic performance. EMI control plans are an excellent way to document analyses, developmental test results, predictions, and design methods. When an EMI control plan is required by a customer or when a formal design approach is warranted, an EMI control plan is an invaluable tool.

Design Guides

Less formal than an EMI control plan, but just as important, a design guide tells circuit designers and packaging engineers exactly what to do to ensure compliance with EMI requirements.

EMI Test Plans, Procedures, and Reports

Clear, accurate test procedures and test reports ensure your EMI tests are properly performed and documented. This translates to less time in the EMI lab, clearer test data interpretation, and more repeatable test results.


The proliferation of electronic products has made EMC a very important aspect of every design. Today, demonstration of your understanding of electromagnetic interference design issues at the proposal stage may make the difference in winning the contract. Appropriate technical input to proposals is key.

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