EMI Consultant – Steve Newson

EMI Consultant : Steve Newson

Electromagnetic Interference Consultant

EMI Consultants - Steve Newson

Steve Newson’s experience with diverse electronic systems, a variety of customer needs, and the ability to communicate complex technical ideas with circuit designers and packaging engineers enables him to address a wide range of EMC problems. Expertise in Electromagnetics, Circuit Design, and Electronic Packaging gives him unique insight into the sources and solutions of EMI problems.

During the last 25 years Steve has had the privilege of contributing to numerous major programs such as International Space Station, General Motors EV-1 Electric Vehicle, Airbus A380 and Boeing 747, 737, and 717 aircraft, the F-22 Fighter, and Honeywell’s Industrial TurboGenerator, and to numerous smaller commercial, industrial, military, and aviation projects. As a consultant, Steve provides analytical, diagnostic, and hands-on skills cultivated from serving a broad range of customers and product needs.

Design : Circuit design and packaging techniques for EMC. Power line filters, transient protection networks, and circuits for improved emissions and immunity. Ground systems, interconnect cabling, enclosures, and printed wiring board layout, routing, and decoupling. Clear, concise EMC guidance to electronic and packaging design teams.
Analysis : Computer modeling of electromagnetic effects. Spectral analysis and time domain predictions. Cable radiation and pick-up, power line conducted emissions, immunity tolerance, and lightning and ESD transient events.
Testing : Comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting. EMI qualification and certification testing support.
EMI Regulations : All EMC regulatory specifications, including European Commission EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, US military MIL-STD-461/462, US Federal Communications Commission Parts 15 & 18, and US Federal Aviation Administration RTCA/DO-160C.
Publications : Numerous EMI control plans, test procedures, and test reports.
Software : Radiated Immunity EMI analysis software designer and programmer, SpectraSoft.
EMI Filters : Custom inductors and filter modules for power line filters. Active and passive interface circuit filters for bandwidth control and susceptibility/immunity hardening.
Transient Protection : Suppression networks for ESD, lightning, and EMP. Computer modeling for transient effects prediction.
Switch Mode Power Supplies : Conducted emissions and susceptibility modeling and prediction. Filter specification and custom filter design for compliance. Printed circuit radiated emissions prediction.
Analog and Digital Circuits : Bandwidth control and immunity hardness for interface circuits.
Cabling : Interconnect cabling design and modeling. Twisting, shielding, routing effects on radiated emissions and pick-up. Cabling effects on interface circuits induced noise.
Enclosures : Construction techniques designed to support shielding, grounding, and partitioning. Carbon fiber/composites, metals, and coated plastics.
Printed Circuit Boards : Layout, trace routing, and decoupling.
Newson Consulting Incorporated, Sedona, AZ, 1993 to present
Allied Signal Aerospace Co., Torrance, CA, 1991 – 1993
Northrop Aircraft Division, Hawthorne, CA, 1988 – 1991
Boeing Electronics Co., Seattle, WA, 1984 – 1988
Utah Power and Light Co., Salt Lake City, UT, 1982 – 1984
BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 1984
Graduate Studies, Electromagnetics, University of California, Long Beach, CA, 1989 – 1990

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