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Need an EMC Expert?

Many projects don’t require a full-time EMC engineer, but the right input at the right time is essential. You need someone with skill and experience.

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Contact Us to discuss how we can help solve the EMI problems you have today and how we can help you prevent EMI problems in the future.

EMI solution

Solve EMI Problems

Newson Consulting Inc. provides a wide range of electromagnetic interference control and protection services and expertise.

We Solve EMI Problems

Whether your project is in the planning stages, under development, or in qualification testing, we can help.
At Newson Consulting Inc. we specialize in providing timely, cost-effective EMI solutions matched to your immediate needs.

Power Conversion
Lightning Protection
Filter Design
Electronic Packaging
PCB Layout
Military Electronics
Commercial Aircraft
Automotive, Space
Medical, Industrial
Consumer Electronics

EMI Consultant / EMC Consultant – For EMI Consulting

EMI Consultant - Steve Newson

Steve Newson - EMI Consultant

Electromagnetic Interference Consultant

Steve Newson’s experience with diverse electronic systems, a variety of customer needs, and the ability to communicate complex technical ideas with circuit designers and packaging engineers enables him to address a wide range of EMC problems.

EMI Consultant - Steve Jensen_

Steve Jensen - EMC Consultant

Electromagnetic Compatibility Consultant

Steve Jensen is the President and Principal Consultant of Steve Jensen Consultants Inc., a California Corporation. The tax ID number for the corporation is 95-3796891.

Our Services – At Newson Consulting Inc.

EMI Guidance

Clear design guidance is the most important step to achieving an EMI-compliant product.

EMI Design

We help you optimize your circuits and packaging to avoid costly redesign and retest.

EMI Analysis

We’ll analyze your design using the best in computer techniques and proprietary software and models developed specifically for EMI analysis.


You are in Good Company

“We owe our 25-year success to the many companies and talented engineers who have entrusted us to be an important part of their team.”


EMI Consulting when you need it. Takes the mystery out of EMC compliance !!

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