EMI Consultants


EN55015 specialists at Newson Consulting Inc.

Solving EN55015 EMI problems requires expertise in a diverse range of disciplines, including circuit design, printed wiring board layout, magnetics, filtering, component selection, electronic packaging, and EMI testing. Arriving at the most effective and cost-effective solution is a challenge, even for experienced EMC professionals. At Newson Consulting Inc. we have the expertise and experience to help you identify the source of your EN55015 problem and find the most efficient method of mitigation.


EN55015 Expertise    
EN55015 controls SMPS Switch Mode Power Converters    
EN55015 controls for motor drives and controllers Solid State Ballasts    
CE control for digital circuits, clocks, and oscillators Digital Circuits    
CE controls for line drivers Line Drivers    
CE controls for power inverters Power Inverters    


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